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What do I do with my 15 Freebie points? (Advice)


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What do I do with my 15 Freebie points? (Advice) Empty What do I do with my 15 Freebie points? (Advice)

Post by Storyteller on Tue Mar 24, 2015 3:13 am

Alright so the basic creation process is now complete.

The ST (Storyteller) has looked over your sheet and has now done you the service of adding 15 Points to your sheet.

So now we have to work out how to spend them.
In the majority things cost the same to boost, it's simple once you get the hang of this. so below is a table with Point Costs and then the links to the Attributes, Abilities and Backgrounds are provided in order for you to make informed choices about where the best places to put your points will be.

Go to your character sheet on the Puppetprince Chronicle and click on " Edit this Character "

The sheet will then open up for you again must like it was with creation and allow you to edit your traits and other stats.

If you need further help them please don't hesistate to contact a ST (Storyteller) through the PM system on our forum here. Or of course by entering our IRC Chat Channel through the Darkmyst Server. You will find us at #Star:OOC

Item Point Costs
Physical Attribute 1 point per trait
Mental Attribute 1 point per trait
Social Attribute 1 point per trait
Ability Level 1 point per level (Max. Level 3)
Backgrounds 1 point per background (Max. Level 3)

If you wish to go above a level 3 where these are restricted you MUST discuss this with a Storyteller and have good reasons for your concept in order to be accepted.

PLEASE!!! PLEASE!!! keep a good note of where you are spending your XP with your XP log situated on the right side of your sheet page. If you spent 1 xp on the ability "Brawl" for example, please put this into your XP log and click the Save button. This saves you as a player and us as Storytellers SO much time. Thanks!

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