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A role playing game set in 1700 Tortuga. Played through a forum and IRC channel.

How do Resources Work? (Advice)


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How do Resources Work? (Advice) Empty How do Resources Work? (Advice)

Post by Storyteller on Tue Mar 24, 2015 5:00 pm

Alright so you have built a character with the background of "Resources"
Depending on the level of course, we are sure you expect certain things from this expenditure of precious creation points or XP.
In the Northern Star we wanted to make this money mean something, not just an assumed amount of money being thrown into a background bank account but something that bit more valid and needed.

So instead we have decided to create an IC shop and store and will work your level of resources into your forum bank accounts. So when your character decides to (for example) go to the Black Rose Taverna and you have them buy drinks.. you actually can.

So as normal point of conduct in this effect will be that the drinks bought at the end of the night will be in your items list, this will be checked by storytellers. Once one of these evenings is complete, you may come to a storyteller and inform them of the items on the list, sometimes you may be asked for a log to check the frequency in which these drinks or items were purchased.

Basically in essence...

"Want something in game? Buy it from the forum shop to be able to have it IC."

So, normally you will earn amounts of money per post on the forums, making sure everyone may be able to earn enough with some work to that item they wish for.

But Resources will help you afford what you need to much quicker. So every week we will deposit money into your banks depending on the levels your character has. The table below shows the amounts given.

Resources 1 3 coins per week
Resources 2 5 coins per week
Resources 3 10 coins per week
Resources 4 15 coins per week
Resources 5 20 coins per week

At creation the maximum allowed is level 3 and needs to be justified with how this money is coming to you, and how you are being paid.

If you have further questions then please speak with a Storyteller who will try and help you.

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