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A role playing game set in 1700 Tortuga. Played through a forum and IRC channel.

Backgrounds (Character Creation)


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Backgrounds (Character Creation) Empty Backgrounds (Character Creation)

Post by Storyteller on Tue Mar 24, 2015 3:11 am


- Allies
Allies are humans who support and help you -- family, friends, or even an organization that owes you some loyalty. Though allies aid you willingly, without coaxing or coercion, they are not always available to offer assistance; they have their own concerns and can do only so much in the name of friendship. However, they might provide you with indirect access to their contacts, influences, or resources.

1 One ally of moderate influence and power.

2 Two allies, both of moderate power.

3 Three allies, one of whom is quite influential.

4 Four allies, one of whom is very influential.

5 Five allies, one of whom is extremely influential.

- Contacts
You know people all over the Port. When you start making enquiries around your network, the amount of information you can dig up is almost terrifying. Contacts are largely people whom you can bribe, manipulate, or coerce into offering information, but you also have a few major contacts -- friends whom you can rely on to give you accurate information in their fields of expertise. You should describe each major contact in some detail before the game begins. In addition to your major contacts, you also have a number of minor contacts spread throughout the Port; your major contact might be in the trading post, while your minor contacts might include a bar tender, a whore or even a begger with some very good eyes and ears. You need not detail these various "passing acquaintances" before play; instead, to successfully get in touch with a minor contact, you should roll your Contacts rating (difficulty 7). You can reach one minor contact for each success; of course, you still have to coerce them into telling you what you need to hear.

1 One major contact.

2 Two major contacts.

3 Three major contacts.

4 Four major contacts.

5 Five major contacts.

- Crew
This background allows you a number of sturdy and hardy skilled men and even sometimes women who will be able to man your ship or that of another if you are sailing aboard. Depending on the number spent in this background denotes of the amount of men you have under your employ. But be warned, for every 2 dots of Crew you will need a point of Resources to be able to pay them. If you lose that money you will also lose the support of the men.

1 A small band of 10 crew members

2 A Group of 25 crew members

3 A Group of 30 crew members and a Skilled crew member (pick between a Shipwright or Seamstress)

4 A Group of 35 crew members and 2 skilled crew member (pick between a Shipwright, Seamstress, Secretary or a Cook)

5 A Group of 40 crew members and all four skilled crew members available.

- Fame
You enjoy widespread recognition in port society, perhaps as an entertainer, writer, or strongman. People may enjoy just being seen with you. This gives you all manner of privileges when moving in mortal society, but can also attract an unwanted amount of attention now that you're no longer alive. The greatest weapon fame has to offer is the ability to sway public opinion. This Background is obviously a mixed blessing. You can certainly enjoy the privileges of your prestige -- getting the best seats, being invited to events you'd otherwise miss, getting appointments with the elite -- but you're also often recognized when you'd rather not be. However, your enemies can't just make you disappear without causing an undue stir, and you find it much easier to hunt or smuggle in populated areas as people flock to you. Additionally, your Storyteller might permit you to reduce difficulties of Social rolls against particularly star-struck or impressionable people.

1 You're known to a select subculture of the Port -- local men in the bar, the whores at a certain gathering point.

2 A majority of the populace recognizes your face; you're a local celebrity such as a performer or interest.

3 You have Port-wide renown; perhaps you're a town cryer or minor star of local interest.

4 Nationally famous; everybody knows something about you.

5 You're an internationally famous - London and other ports have heard of you and it may not mean positive.

- Influences
You have pull in the Port community, whether through wealth, prestige, political office, blackmail, or supernatural manipulation. People with high Influence can sway, and in rare cases even control, the political and social processes of society. Influence represents the sum of your political power in your community, particularly among the police and bureaucracy. Some rolls may require you to use Influence in place of an Ability, particularly when attempting to sway minor bureaucrats. It is, of course, always easier to institute sweeping changes on a local level than a worldwide scale (e.g., having an "abandoned" building demolished is relatively easy, while starting a war is a bit more difficult.

1 Moderately influential; a factor in port politics.

2 Well-connected; a force in port politics.

3 Position of influence; a factor in regional politics.

4 Broad personal power; a force in Caribbean politics.

5 Influential; a factor in global politics. (for example London)

Influence List

- Mentor
This Trait represents an elder -- or possibly even more than one -- who looks out for you, offering guidance or aid once in a while. A mentor may be powerful, but his power need not be direct. Depending on the number of dots in this Background, your mentor might be nothing more than you may think or he may be so much more secretly. He may offer advice, speak to the officials on your behalf, steer others clear of you, or warn you when you're walking into situations you don't understand. Most often your mentor is your sire, but it could well be any man with a passing interest in your well-being. Bear in mind that this Trait isn't a "Get out of jail free" card; your mentor won't arrive like the cavalry wherever you're endangered. What's more, he might occasionally expect something in return for his patronage (which can lead to a number of interesting stories). A mentor typically remains aloof, giving you useful information or advice out of camaraderie, but will abandon you without thought if you prove an unworthy or troublesome "apprentice."

- Resources
This Trait describes your personal financial resources, or your access to such. A high Resources rating doesn't necessarily reflect your liquid assets; this Background describes your standard of "living," your possessions, and your buying power. No dots in Resources is just that: You have no permanent haven and no possessions save a few clothes and possibly a weapon or pocketful of coins. You receive a basic allowance each month based on your rating: Be certain to detail exactly where this money comes from, be it a job, trust fund, or dividends. After all, your fortune may well run out over the course of the chronicle, depending on how well you maintain it. You can also sell your less liquid resources if you need the cash, but this can take weeks or even months, depending on what exactly you're trying to sell.

1 Small savings: A room held somewhere in Tortuga, basic needs taken care of. (10 coins in your IC account per week)

2 Middle class: A room held somewhere in Tortuga, perhaps some minor trading funds and basic needs taken care of. (15 coins in your IC account per week)

3 Large savings: You may own your own small residential holding or spot out on the docks, a good trading fund for someone starting out in that world, your needs are taken care of in comfort. (25 coins in your IC account per week)

4 Well off: You may own a small stall or traders point in Tortuga, you may own your own residential holding or spot out on the docks, your needs are taken care of in comfort and a trading fund is set aside without issue. (30 coins in your IC account per week.)

5 Affluent: You may own a stall or traders post in a successful area of the port, a good residence in comfort or a strong front position on the docks ready for a good trading area. Your needs are firmly taken care of and your may have one or two people in your employ as servants or just runners. You are definitely secure financially for the time being. (40 coins in your IC account per week)

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