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Bloodied Angel (ATTN: All - Starter Thread)


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Bloodied Angel (ATTN: All - Starter Thread)

Post by Storyteller on Sun Mar 29, 2015 10:49 pm

The scream has erupted from the halls of the upstairs staying rooms of the Bordello. It had be in the early hours, darkness still lingering over the skies like velvet drapes. The firey torches still hung, some of them on their lasts as the sound ripped through the peace.

One of the Bordello's new girls, a pretty little thing name Callie stood wide eyed, hand clasped over her sweet lips as the wooden floor before her ran with the crimson red of life. Laid over the floor was one of the more known girls, a sweet woman of a darker complexion, perhaps Spanish or descended. Her long dark spiraling curls were rich with coffee colored beauty, now also streaked with the claret of her blood. Eyes unseeing and staring off to what must have been the look to her ends. Her breasts uncovered and her body held within a light colored corset now matching the additions to her hair. She looked like she were dancing, just laid against the floor. Such a dire dance as hers, so bloodstained it was hard to begin what had befallen the woman to bring her down to this.

Ruby looked beautiful in her death, yet when the Madam came running at the scream, she pulled Callie to her chest to shield her from the bloodied angel's last dance. Madam Milandra started to coax the young Callie away from the door and back to her room. Breathing faster and starting to panic herself, Milandra draw a pistola from her garter, waiting in fear as she closed Callie into her bedroom to see what killer would round the corner. She could only pray that it may be a friend.

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