The Northern Star

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A role playing game set in 1700 Tortuga. Played through a forum and IRC channel.

Gameplay Introduction

Emmerick Hayes
Emmerick Hayes

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Gameplay Introduction Empty Gameplay Introduction

Post by Emmerick Hayes on Tue Mar 24, 2015 5:39 pm

An Introduction

Tortuga 1700 ad.

The sun beats down across the waves of the Caribbean, the times are changing and the golden age of piracy is strong and deep in flow. The brethern are the kings of the seas, ships and traders are everywhere. But with the change of the winds and the pull of the tides, news comes from London.

Once it had been that those charged with the crimes of Piracy were dragged to the British Isles, tried and hung or imprisoned in Newgate.. but with ample time for an attempt of escape or rescue. But now, the Vice Admiralty are taking matters into their own hands and those of the Brethern are losing their lives in small ports and dark corners.

The Northern Star is a Frigate Ship fresh from the British Ports where she was “liberated” by the Pirate, Captain Emmerick Hayes. Hayes is known as a strong man and one not to be taken lightly. His ship one of the fastest in Tortuga and heavily gunned. Yet 3 months ago even the Star suffered her own terrible tragedy, losing her crew to the guns of the Admiralty and leaving nearly all but the Captain, First Mate and Quartermaster staining the stones of Port Royal red with blood.

Now Emmerick and the surviving crew of the Northern Star are stuck in Tortuga’s port in desperate need of a crew and a new lease of life before the ship’s heart dies along with the few men who still love her.

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