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A role playing game set in 1700 Tortuga. Played through a forum and IRC channel.

How do I make a character for TNS!? (Walkthrough)


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How do I make a character for TNS!? (Walkthrough) Empty How do I make a character for TNS!? (Walkthrough)

Post by Storyteller on Tue Mar 24, 2015 5:14 pm

Firstly, WELCOME!

Welcome to the Northern Star RPG Online game.
So you need a character to come and join us and it's handy I know just the way to help you make one.

Firstly please be sure to have handy an active email address and known a good username. Using both of these please find your way over to:

Click on Register and follow in the instructions until you have an active and validated account. Puppetprince is an online character sheet creator and archive.

Once you have done that, along the top of the page you should see a tab for "Characters" click on that there.

Click on the yellow button that says "Create a Character" Select "White Wolf" and the "Mortal: The Humans" Sheets, give your character a name and then click on the create button.

You should have a blank character sheet show up that you can recognize a few things from other White Wolf style Mind's Eye Theatre Games on it.

So let's create your character:

So working from the top down, you should see your player name.. leave that.. and leave both the XP counters alone.

Okay.. Willpower. Starting Willpower for TNS (The Northern Star) is 3 points, so click on the small " edit " at the bottom of that area and it will change so you can edit these smaller tiles. So change your Willpower to 3.

Next is Nature and Demeanor. Think carefully here as these will be important for your character's personality. Your Nature is what you "truely are" and your Demeanor is what you "appear" to be. Pretty obvious but hey, we can explain it, so why not.
Behaving according to these chosen Nature and Demeanor will mean your character can regain Willpower points during play that may be important to survival during missions or just even functioning in game under duress or other activities. Choose your Nature and Demeanor from the list in the thread linked below. (yes you may have both being the same but this should be considered carefully before doing.)

Now we move onto the Attribute Traits. So as you can see we have Physical, Mental & Social and linked below is a list of the Attribute Traits for each section, their uses and their appointed and available Negatives that can be put on your sheet also. (these add a disadvantage however will buy you the equivalent amount of freebie points to add to your characters.)
You may have multiples of each trait (for example: Brutal x 3) the amount of each trait should be placed in the smaller box next to the attribute's name. So you have 7/5/3 as starting traits. So you may choose which out of Physical, Social and mental you would like to put 7 into.. which one you would like to put 5 into.. and which one finally would hold 3.
You MUST NOT spend unused traits in another catagory, they must stay separated. (for example even if you choose to put 3 in social and only spend 2 of the traits, you cannot put the further 1 trait into physical to boost it.)

Alright, once you have figured out your attribute traits and are happy with them it is at this point you may choose to take on some negative traits. Think carefully as this WILL inflict your character with certain characteristics and even disadvantages. you may take a maximum of 5 negative traits in total (5 across P | S | M, not in each)

Moving on from Attributes, the next section to tackle is Humanity Traits. These are keen descriptors to the character's personality and used for Humanity checks and tests that will be called by your Storyteller.

You will have 5 Humanity traits to play with and yes you can multiples of one trait (for example: Loyal x 2)

Once you have finished fleshing out with your humanity traits we can move on to Abilities. Have a careful think about your character's abilities. What can they do? What will suit them and their chosen professions? Can they fight? Can they dance or sing? In the Link below you will find a list of Abilities and some examples of what each over. At creation you can take a maximum of 3 in each ability. You will have 5 points to spend in your abilities at this point so choose carefully.

Now we have dealt with the key skills of your character we can look at giving them a few more things in order to help them in the harsh environment of 1700 Tortuga. So now we move onto Backgrounds. Backgrounds can give you a little influence here and there in the Port or perhaps you have a band of worthy crew who follow your orders (these would be background characters and not played characters) or maybe it's just a case of your character having some money coming in. You have 5 points to spend in Backgrounds so again, think carefully how you would like to use them for your character. Backgrounds are listed in the link below to help you decide.

So we're almost there now, but we have come across one of the more negative sides of a character sheet and that is "Derangements" So here you may look up any normal or modern world mental sickness or compulsion that can work as a strong negative that your character lives with. (For example schizophrenia or Bulimia) please discuss your ideas with a Storyteller before submittal and they will help guide you when picking. Please be careful when choosing as this may effect your RP entirely. up to a Maximum of 2 derangements at creation.

Merits and Flaws are little bumps and dips for your character to become that little more unique but also to have a strange "power" or two. Please note that at creation, you may take up to 7 points of negative flaws in order to gain freebie points to spend elsewhere on the sheet or of course you can buy Merits to help balance out the character. The Merits and Flaws lists are located below, please read them carefully. So lot of them will have consequences that could make playing your characters a bit hard or even ruin enjoyment of some concepts.

Once you have completed your character sheet you click "Finish editing" at the top of the page and then click the "Chronicles" tab along the top. Click the "Find Chronicle to Join" link in red and search through the list for " The Northern Star" on the right side you should see a link for "Submit a Character" click there and select your character sheet from the drop down menu, and SUCCESS! Character Submitted. Once that is done, join our forum using your character name as your user name and let the Storytellers know you are here by sending either Emmerick or Lyra a private message. We will always try to get to help you as soon as possible and get you and your character into play.

After sheet completion and your Forum registration please think carefully to how your character looks and find a good picture of this face you wish to use for your character and send them to "ST Emmerick / Charlotte" who will be certain to include your character's lookalikes as much as possible in artwork and videos for promoting The Northern Star.

Please feel free to message one of our Storytellers about any technical issues or issues with understanding and we will be happy to help you.



(not a final draft, please bear with us.)

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