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A role playing game set in 1700 Tortuga. Played through a forum and IRC channel.

Pregnancy Guidelines (Rules Explanation)


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Pregnancy Guidelines (Rules Explanation) Empty Pregnancy Guidelines (Rules Explanation)

Post by Storyteller on Tue Mar 24, 2015 5:02 pm

Pregnancy Rules

Pregnancy plot is something to consider very carefully in The Northern Star's active game. Where it is not unusual for characters to have children, it is actually a dangerous process for both mother and child. Falling pregnant CAN happen by mistake and we DO expect players of the Northern Star to be honest and come forward for chops if it is appropriate for their role play.

As a player in this system please note that is it not unusual for mothers to die in child birth or infection afterwards, it is also not unusual for the child to not survive and we will reflect this in our chops and role play.

To fall pregnant in The Northern Star there are some simple things to do.

1. The First Chop - (The pregnancy test.)

- Please find a Storyteller in #Star:OOC. let them know that you wish to take a pregnancy test and specify which character this will be for.

- Accompany the ST (Storyteller) into the #Star:Dice channel and there you will be able to chop ( `rps ) against the ST for your pregnancy.

- The Pregnancy chop is a single static with no Retest. in order to fall pregnant you must LOSE your challenge against the ST. this will be a POSITIVE pregnancy test.

- WINs or DRAWs mean that your character is NOT pregnant. And as such is a NEGATIVE pregnancy test.

for example:

[18:38] <Maria> `rps
[18:38] <GameServ> Maria throws: rock
[18:39] <@storyteller> `rps
[18:39] <GameServ> Storyteller throws: scissors

this would mean Maria is NOT pregnant.


[18:39] <Maria> `rps
[18:39] <GameServ> Maria throws: scissors
[18:39] <@storyteller> `rps
[18:39] <GameServ> Storyteller throws: rock

this would mean Maria IS pregnant.

3. Single or Multiples

Congratulations you are now pregnant.. but now we have to determine how many children you are carrying. with the ST now type "`roll 10d10"

the result you have before you will determine how many children you are carrying for this pregnancy.

- if you are in the 90th percentile - you are carrying TRIPLETS
- if you are in the 80th percentile - you are carrying TWINS
- Anything lower than 80 in this rating you are carrying a SINGLE birth.

for example:

[18:34] <Maria> `roll 10d10
[18:34] <GameServ> Maria rolled 10d10: 3 6 4 6 6 10 6 1 5 9 <Total: 56>

this would mean Maria is carrying a single birth pregnancy.


[18:36] <Maria> `roll 10d10
[18:36] <GameServ> Maria rolled 10d10: 8 9 7 8 9 10 8 10 6 7 <Total: 82>

this would mean Maria is carrying TWINS for her pregnancy.

2. The Sex

Once the pregnancy test has been completed depending on the result you will now have to chop to determine the sex of the child you are going to have:

with the storyteller type `roll 1d2

- Rolling a 1 will determine the child a MALE
- Rolling a 2 will determine the child a FEMALE

this roll will be repeated for each of the children in the pregnancy.

for example:

Maria has determined that she is pregnant with a single birth:

[18:49] <Maria> `roll 1d2
[18:49] <GameServ> Maria rolled 1d2: 2 <Total: 2>

with this Maria is having a female child.

Pregnancy in The Northern Star will last for 6 full months of game play. Once that date has come to pass it may be taken into the players hands for when to have their character go into labor, as long as a Storyteller has been told.

In some respects we understand that you may wish to "Fade To Black" for the birth, but please keep in mind your fellow role players who have bought the abilities to help your character through this with their very precious XP. Going through this as a role playing procedure is not something that is wholly advisable, but understood to be something that can be enjoyable as a role play experience.

We do however advise that if the subject of child birth, your character's death or your character's child's death is too sensitive a topic to play through, you do not go through this role playing procedure or take part in role play that will inevitably at some point bring you to these chops as a possibility for your character's story.

(Medical procedure Guidelines to be posted separately.)

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