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Historical References (Glossary Resource)


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Historical References (Glossary Resource) Empty Historical References (Glossary Resource)

Post by Storyteller on Tue Mar 24, 2015 4:46 pm

American Main
The eastern coastal lands of North America.

Barbary Coast
The Mediterranean coastline of North Africa, from Egypt to the Atlantic coastline.

Execution Dock
The usual place for pirate hangings, specifically on the Thames in London, near the Tower.

Gibbit ( or Gibbit Cage)
Chain or metal-slat cages in which the corpses of pirates are hung and displayed in order to discourage piracy.

The Golden Age of Piracy
A period from the 1650s to the 1730s considered the height of pirate culture. During this time there was a substantial rise in the number of pirates due to an increase of valuable goods being shipped to Europe. Pirates’ opportunities increased with triangular trade from Europe to Africa, Africa to the Caribbean, and the Caribbean to Europe.

Gold Road
A road across the Isthmus of Panama used to transport gold by train of pack mules.

A disease that can be the result of lead poisoning, causing a buildup of uric acid, most commonly in the toes, and especially the big toe. The main symptom is inflammation of joint tissue leading to sore, swollen skin. The effected areas can become so tender that the slightest touch to them causes extreme pain. Pirates sometimes drank from pewter mugs (see tankard) which often contained lead.

A flag, especially one flown at the bow of a ship to indicate her nationality.

A pole mounted on the bow of a ship from which a jack is flown.

Jolly Roger
A pirate flag depicting a skull-and-crossbones. It was an invitation to surrender, with the implication that those who surrendered would be treated well. A red flag indicated "no quarter."

King’s Shilling
Given to recruits of the Royal Navy in the 18th century, “to take a King’s Shilling” was to enter service as a sailor or soldier. There is a legend that says recruiters would slip a coin into their victim’s drink to con them into accepting service. Glass-bottomed tankards were designed to allow the drinker to see if a coin was in the bottom before they accepted a drink.

Pirate Round
Route from North America to the Indian Ocean.

Red Ensign
A British flag.

An underwater obstruction of rock or coral which can tear the bottom out of a ship.

Detailed instructions listing all that is known about a place or rout.

(1) A disease caused by deficiency of vitamin C often affecting sailors. (2) Mean and contemptible; a derogatory adjective suitable for use in a loud voice, as in "Ye scurvy dogs!"

Spanish Main
Lands taken by Spain from Mexico to Peru including the Caribbean islands.

Yellow Jack
A yellow flag flown to indicate the presence of an illness, often yellow fever, aboard a ship. Often the flag is used to trick pirates into avoiding potential targets.

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