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Merriment (Glossary Resource)


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Merriment (Glossary Resource) Empty Merriment (Glossary Resource)

Post by Storyteller on Tue Mar 24, 2015 4:37 pm

black jack
A drink container made of leather.

bumboo (or bumbo)
A popular pirate drink made from rum, water, sugar and nutmeg or cinnamon.

bung hole
A dispensing hole in a wooden barrel typically sealed with a cork

cackle fruit
Hen’s eggs.

clap of thunder
A strong, alcoholic drink.

grog (see also spirits)
An alcoholic liquor, especially rum diluted with water. Admiral Vernon is said to have been the first to dilute the rum of sailors (about 1745.)

hardtack (also sea biscuit)
A hard biscuit or bread made from flour and water baked into a moisture-free rock to prevent spoilage; a pirate ships staple. Hardtack has to be broken into small pieces or soaked in water before eaten.

(1) A large cask used mainly for the shipment of wines and spirits. (2) A unit of measurement equal to approximately one hundred gallons.

Nelson’s folly

A small cup or drink.

An intoxicating beverage, specifically an alcoholic liquor distilled from fermented molasses or sugar cane.

A salad usually consisting of chopped meat, anchovies, eggs, and onions, often arranged in rows on lettuce and served with vinegar and oil.

An alcoholic beverage, especially distilled liquor.

A cylindrical, single-handled drinking mug, usually made of pewter. During the 18th century, pewter often contained traces of lead, causing lead poisoning or grout. (see also grout and King’s Shilling)

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